Devon Cafe

I’ve always wished I found a place where I could hang out & feel like as if I’ve come home on every visit. Well now I needn’t wish no longer. Upon my first step through the door leading into Devon Cafe I instantly knew that I would be visiting regularly for many years to come! And because the menu changes with each new season is all the more reason to fall in love with Devon again and again.

You eat with you eyes first as they say and at Devon the artistically skilled chefs present you with dishes that would belong at fine dining restaurants. So beautiful in fact that you almost feel bad about ruining it but of course once you start eating the masterpieces that thought goes out the window. The flavours are absolutely mind blowing and every single component of the dish work in harmony to bring you a symphony in your mouth.

I’m lost for words on each visit and that enhances the experience even more. If that wasn’t enough then I’m sure the vibe, the super awesome staff and the superb coffee will alone convince you that this cafe is an absolute gem. And just a short walk from Central Station you’ll find yourself looking for a reason to take a detour towards Devon. Actually scratch that - you needn’t a reason at all. Devon Cafe is a reason in its self. I’m glad it’s become a part of my journey through life. Thank you Devon! You and your beautiful staff continue to inspire me.
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